Top Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Must-Have in 2023

January 21, 2024

Our Platform’s Cutting-edge AI Writing Assistance

Our platform is at the forefront of AI writing assistance, offering over 50 different templates to simplify content and copy creation. The most acclaimed include the Paragraph Generator, One-Shot Blog Post, and AIDA Framework. These templates deliver superior, original content, streamlining content production at scale while enhancing speed.

Moreover, this tool surpasses the limitations of many AI writing solutions by incorporating a command feature. Users communicate their needs in plain language, enabling custom content creation even without a specific template. This bespoke content can be effortlessly accessed through a convenient Chrome extension.

Freelance digital marketing strategist Suresh Chaudhary remarked on how such an extension could be a game-changer in productivity, citing its unmatched ease and an extensive suite of writing tools.

Top Features:

  • Broad range of templates
  • Command feature for customized instructions
  • Chrome extension for easy access
  • Praised for enhancing productivity

Available Plans:

– A free Chrome extension comes with the tool’s plans, starting at $39 per month.

Complementary Chrome Extensions for Content Creators

Waldo is an excellent Chrome extension that aids in content research by offering refined search capabilities within Google results, such as quickly identifying recent statistics, and is free to use.

SimilarSites is another useful extension that enables the discovery of related websites, assisting in gathering various references and avoiding redundant content examples, likewise available for no charge.

The well-known Grammarly is also a staple in the writing tools landscape, with its Chrome extension allowing users to catch grammatical errors on the go. Its basic plan is free, with the premium option at $12 per month per member and business plan at $15 per month per member.

For those who need content read back to them, the Read Aloud extension does just that, converting text to speech from multiple formats and is available for free.

Keyword Surfer, designed by Surfer, offers keyword suggestions and traffic estimates on SERPs, invaluable for SEO-focused content creation, and it’s free to use.

SEO Minion is an ideal extension for analyzing content elements like URL and meta tags on a website, which is great for optimizing own content or sizing up competitors’, without any cost.

SEOquake provides an extensive SEO toolkit in your browser that includes auditing capabilities, helpful in optimizing content effectively. It’s also free of charge.

For SEO specifics directly on search result pages, Keywords Everywhere provides data including SEO difficulty and link metrics, with some features free and others requiring credit packs.

Magical helps users create shortcuts for frequently used commands or text pieces, expediting the writing process, available free of cost.

With Toby, users can organize their tabs into collections for swift navigation during the content creation process, offered for free with enterprise workspaces available upon request.

StayFocusd helps minimize distractions by limiting time on unproductive websites, fostering a focused writing environment. It is free with an optional donation.

For secure password management across various platforms, Bitwarden generates and securely stores passwords so only one master password is needed. It’s free for personal use, with business plans at $3 to $5 per month per user.

SimilarWeb provides instant website analytics such as visitor demographics and behavior, available for no cost with more in-depth insights on paid plans starting at $167 per month.

Hunter assists in locating email addresses for content outreach, offering several plans starting from free to various paid options up to $399 per month.

Loom benefits bloggers and content creators by allowing them to create short videos or recorded thoughts to enhance their content, with a free plan and paid options from $8 per month.

GoFullPage helps capture full-page screenshots for various purposes with reliability, free to use with a Premium option at $12 per year.

Lastly, Eye Dropper is the tool to perfect visuals in your content by matching exact colors for a seamless look, provided for free with an upgrade available through donation.