The Ultimate Guide: How to Write a Brochure

January 22, 2024

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6 Key Tips for Writing a Marketing Brochure That Doesn’t Suck

Brochures may seem like relics of a different marketing age, but don’t be fooled. Here’s how to write a brochure that sells your business (print or digital).

“` Contrary to popular opinion, print advertising is not dead. Many people still look at billboards, pick up brochures, and look at posters in their day-to-day activities.

This is especially true for certain industries, like hospitality, for example. A study by Bentley University showed that **85% of people learn of a new attraction or business** in the industry by picking up a brochure.

So, if you’re looking into how to write a brochure, you’re not off your marketing game. In this article, we’ll review how to use brochures for marketing your business in the digital age. We’ll also highlight a tool that makes writing a brochure less rigorous. “`

How to Use Brochures for Marketing Your Business in 2023

Wondering how brochures can be integrated into your marketing strategy in today’s digital age? Despite the rise of online advertising, brochures remain an essential marketing tool. Here are five effective strategies to leverage both print and digital brochures for your business:

Point-of-Sale Marketing

Place your brochures right where transactions happen, making it easy for customers visiting physical retail locations to grab one. It’s an effective way to catch the attention of your audience who are already interested in products similar to yours.

Direct Mail

Consider sending brochures directly to your customers’ mailboxes. Whether you opt for traditional postal services or electronic mail, this approach allows you to provide detailed information about your products or services in response to customer inquiries.

Sales Support Tool

Utilize brochures as part of your sales strategy by providing them to customers who are interested in learning more about what you offer. They can serve as an informative follow-up for those who have purchased a product, or as an additional perk alongside their purchase.

Distributed at Events

Events and trade shows are prime opportunities for distributing brochures. It allows your business to convey important details about products and services to a captive audience, potentially leading to new customer relationships.

Printable or Lead Magnets

Finally, brochures can be formatted for online use to reach a wider audience. Offer downloadable brochures on your website to serve as lead magnets, attracting potential customers in exchange for their contact information.

Leveraging these brochure marketing strategies can help reinforce your brand presence and ensure that key information reaches your customers effectively in 2023.

“` ## How to Write a Powerful Brochure for Digital or Print (Step by Step)

Discovering the remarkable impact a well-crafted brochure can have on your business is just the beginning. In the following paragraphs, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a brochure that effectively lures in customers.

### Decide the Goal of Your Brochure

Employing basic marketing frameworks like AIDA can illuminate the customer journey, which includes several phases before the point of purchase. Consider at which stage your brochure should engage your audience. Are you aiming to capture their attention, pique their interest, kindle their desire or prompt action? **LucidPress** positions its brochure as a magnetic tool that captures audience attention. Knowing what you want your brochure to accomplish will help you decide on the content and layout. Higher in the funnel, you might focus on educating your audience, perhaps sharing useful case studies or industry information. But moving them to sell would require providing direct solution-based information targeting their pain points.

## Make an outline

As with any piece of content, **start with a robust outline**. Depending on the number of pages (brochures can be anywhere from 3 to 32 pages), decide what you’d like to share with readers and how in-depth you will go. —

To keep you on track, designate the cover and back cover pages for your headline/subheading and call-to-action (CTA) respectively. Then you can focus on information to be covered between both of those pages.

## Write content

Business brochures do not have to be boring. Even if your digital brochure is a collection of stats and annual reports, you can make your content engaging for your target audience. And often, engaging content means conversions. Use the following tips to make your content appealing:

– **Use skimmable content:** Avoid long walls of text and instead break up text walls with images, bullet points, or infographics.

— —


At [Company], our whole reason for being is to help people create relevant, on-brand content. So we’re highly interested in how teams create content and what obstacles stand in their way. To gain more insight into brands’ relationships with content, we talked to 452 professionals from various industries to see what impact content has on their business.

This collected data is our inaugural Content Effectiveness Report. It’s an adaptation and expansion of our previous State of Brand Consistency Report, published in 2016 and 2018. As a result, there is some crossover between this report and the last two. But we’ve taken a new approach to many of the questions, so there won’t always be past data to compare things to.

Vary your fonts:

Keep things just interesting enough by using 2-3 fonts and/or font sizes on a given page. This can also help to establish a visual hierarchy, making your text more readable.

The Ongoing Demand for Personalized Content

The creation and consumption of content won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s clear that there’s a great demand for content, and more specifically, personalized content. With the amount of content people wade through each day, personalized content is simply more likely to capture your attention and be relevant to your interests.

Include “Call-out Boxes”

These are text boxes in a bold highlight color to stand out from the rest of your text. Call-out boxes show off vital information about your brand or tips your customers will find beneficial.

Key Stats

  • 85% have seen an increase in demand for content in the last year.
  • 67% say at least some customers expect personalized content, with 43% saying the majority expect personalized content.
  • 21% of respondents personalize more than 75% of their content.
  • 81% of businesses personalize at least 10% of their content.

Detailed Findings

  • Demand for content is high. 88% of respondents saw an increase in requested content, with 76% saying ‘a lot more content’ has been requested in the past year. Only 12% saw no noticeable increase.
  • Consumers have largely come to expect personalized content. 42% of respondents said ‘the majority’ of their customers expect personalized content, while 67% say at least some customers expect it, and only 15% said few customers expect personalized content.
  • Even though the need for personalized content is significant, most brands don’t keep up. Only 21% of respondents reported that the majority of their content is personalized. Most brands are lagging the field, though, with 81% saying that at least 10% of the content they produce is personalized.

Use impactful visuals.

Make it easy for potential clients to take a specific action by including any necessary relevant information.

If you want readers to hold on to your brochure until a later time when they’re further down the sales funnel, make it useful to them. You can include a content publication checklist, for example, if you run a content marketing service. Or add a map with the top camping spots in the state, if your brand focuses on outdoor gear.


In the mad dash to produce engaging content for our audiences, the numbers show that we are not all hitting the mark.

As content production ramps up, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate your content ecosystem. Is your content producing the desired result? Is it worth the time it takes to create? Is it being used by your team, or does it sit around and gather dust?

Taking an honest look at your brand’s content and its outcomes can help you identify where to make changes. And if you need help with a solution, [redacted] is here for you.

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— —

In either case, be sure to leave contact information, testimonials, pricing, and your website information so readers can get in touch when they’re ready.

## Print in high-quality

We know the world has gone digital, but many people still hold on to print advertisements — especially when you give them a reason! First, though, be sure to proofread your brochure. Typos hit harder on physical documents that can travel far and wide.

Finally, make your brochure easy to hold on to by using high-quality gloss paper. Many printing companies have eye-catching, effective brochure templates to match a variety of design needs. Ensure that whichever page size or layout you use, your brochure can withstand wear and tear until your reader is ready to take the next step.

— —

Elevate Your Brochure with Efficient Content Tools

For content marketers deeply ingrained in brochure creation, a streamlined process is key. A superior writing assistant offers a suite of over 52 customizable templates suited for various writing needs, including copywriting, scriptwriting, and crafting long-form content. This assistant is designed to simplify the writing process and expedite the delivery of top-notch, relevant content.

How Our Writing Assistant Revolutionizes Brochure Production:

Innovative Headline Generation

The importance of a compelling headline for your brochure’s cover page cannot be overstated. It needs to intrigue your audience and reveal enough to spark interest in your offerings. Tackling headline fatigue? Our intuitive Headline Generator is up to the task.

— “`

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Key Points:

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Creating engaging, informative content for your brochure is simplified with a structured outline. Fill it with your business’s details for an effective marketing tool.

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# Brochure Creation FAQs

## Is a flyer a brochure?

No, flyers are one-page marketing materials, much like posters.

## How do you structure a brochure?

Typically, you have the following layout:

– **Front/cover page:** Includes headline, subheading, engaging images
– **Inside content:** Ranges between 2-32 pages of content, visuals, and other information
– **Back cover:** Final CTA and closing remarks

## How do you design a brochure?

— Creating a brochure can be a collaborative effort with a graphic designer or a DIY project using templates on Word, Google Docs, or Canva. For those with more advanced skills, Adobe tools like InDesign offer a range of brochure designs, from tri-fold to half-page folds.

What is the typical size of a brochure?

While there aren’t strict rules regarding brochure size, experts in brochure printing often suggest that a brochure should be between 3-32 pages in length. Anything longer than that might be considered more akin to a novella or ebook.

Can a brochure be one page?

Typically, a one-page marketing piece would be classified as a poster, flyer, or pamphlet rather than a brochure.

Build a modern brochure for your business with modern tools. We may have moved most of our lives online, but great brochures continue to prove their relevance to marketers. Writing a brochure that stays with potential clients (literally and figuratively) begins with goal-setting and strategic content planning. [Tool name omitted] may not be able to set goals for you, but it can take you through the other steps of creating a brochure.

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