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January 23, 2024

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5 Best Practices For Writing Sales Emails and How AI Can Help

Review these best practices for writing effective sales emails and learn to write even better ones with AI. Let’s smash those sales goals!

The Pain of Unsuccessful Sales Email Campaigns

Ouch! There’s nothing like the sting of running an unsuccessful sales email campaign. Been there? Most salespeople (and marketers extraordinaire) have been.

How to Create an Outstanding Sales Email

In this post we’ll talk about how to avoid disappointment and seamlessly guide potential customers through the sales process. We’ll share best practices, see some sales email examples, and even check out some sales email templates. Sound good?

What makes a perfect sales email?

Even if you’re an experienced sales professional, marketer, or copywriter, it’s helpful to review best practices periodically. Here are five proven ones for writing sales email copy that makes you money.

1. Write enticing subject lines

Since your subject lines will be the first thing people see, it has to grab attention immediately. Otherwise, your open rates will suffer. And, if ideal customers don’t open your emails, how can they take action on what you’re offering?

Crafting Effective Subject Lines for Better Engagement

Strategizing on how to grab the attention of your email recipients can be challenging. However, crafting an effective subject line is crucial for email open rates and overall engagement. To enhance the impact of your email subject lines, consider integrating or combining these elements:

  • Questions
  • Second-person pronouns like “you”
  • Urgency or scarcity
  • Descriptive or emotional words
  • An air of mystery

A compelling subject line not only sparks interest but also aligns with the content’s essence, leading to increased curiosity without confusing the recipient. Crafting a subject line that strikes the right balance between intrigue and clarity can entice recipients to open the email to discover more.

Optimizing Email Campaigns with A/B Testing

Implementing A/B tests is a valuable strategy to uncover the most effective subject lines that resonate with your audience, not only improving open rates but also enhancing click-through performance.

Grab attention with the opening line

The opening line and intro of a sales email need to immediately:

  • Pique curiosity
  • Generate excitement
  • Introduce and agitate a pain point that your product or service solves

You literally have only a few seconds to get readers’ attention and make them want to read more. So try to put yourself in a recipient’s shoes. Think honestly about what would get you to continue to read.

Write to one person

You could send out an impersonal email blast. But think about it. You’re trying to help each subscriber on your email list understand why they should spend their money on your offer. So, to be most effective, your emails need to feel as if you’re speaking to each subscriber personally.

That includes using each prospect’s name. And using “you,” “your,” and even “we” over referring to your audience as a whole. Not to mention writing your copy based on what they care about, what they want, and what they need. One of Vimeo’s sales emails is a good example of this.

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It makes the value proposition personal by using second-person pronouns throughout. And it helps subscribers mentally fast-forward to the benefits they’ll get from upgrading from their current plan.

Make your call-to-action (CTA) clear

The goal of a sales email is, of course, to make sales and close deals. So your main CTA (e.g. “Shop now”) shouldn’t be:

  • Buried within a ton of copy
  • Unclear about the action you want people to take or where the CTA leads (that means no vague “Click here” buttons)
  • Competing with other less important calls-to-action (e.g. “Read our latest blog post”)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking for a quick call with a decision-maker to close the deal or encouraging potential customers to buy now. Use a clear call-to-action to lead subscribers to the next step, perhaps even mentioning the benefit of taking action.

And make your CTAs stand out visually as much as possible. They’re your reason for sending emails in the first place so make sure they’re highlighted front and center without being too sales-y, of course.

Bonus: Send follow up emails

Another hallmark of a good sales email is that it’s usually part of an email sequence. There are a million reasons why some subscribers don’t convert upon receiving your first email. Maybe they needed to check their finances first. Maybe they wanted to do more research before buying. Heck, maybe they didn’t even get a chance to open your initial email.

So it’s good form to send at least one or two reminders for time-sensitive offers, and periodic emails for long-term offers. But what should those emails contain? We made a list of

  • 15 sales follow up email templates

that you can plug your info into and send within minutes!

Why use artificial intelligence to write your sales emails?


Now, you could write your own sales emails using the best practices above. Or…you could leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Why should you consider taking the AI route? There are two main benefits of using an AI email generator.

1. AI improves efficiency

With AI, you can write copy for your sales emails (or even sales pages) way faster than if you work solo. This is because you only need to provide brief descriptions of what to write about. The AI handles a lot of the actual writing, which means a lot less typing and time spent for you.

2. AI contributes to effective copy

The best AI writing tools are trained not just on natural language but on how humans write content and copy.


How to write great sales emails using AI

Want to see how easy it can be to write your best sales email yet using AI? Here are a couple of methods you can use to whip up compelling email copy that drives sales in under 15 minutes each.

First, there’s the AIDA Framework Template. (It’s multipurpose but works great as a sales email template.) Just enter a brief description of what you want the email to include, fill in your product or company name, and put in the tone of voice you’re going for. As you can see below, AI will write engaging sales email copy based on that information.

Email Marketing Templates

These are two of many templates that can help you write effective sales emails. Even the Cold Email Template can get you started with an email to CRM contacts that you already have a relationship with. But you can also use a recipe to write a longer, more detailed email.

In a long-form document, give the information you want him to use, along with instructions on what to write.

Creating a Sales Email for a Product or Service

When crafting a sales email, it is essential to convey the essential details about your product or service. This includes mentioning the name, defining the issue it resolves, explaining how it operates, and presenting the benefits along with any special offers available. A well-structured sales email can pique the interest of potential customers and persuade them to take the next step.

Sample Sales Email Template

Here’s a generic outline that you can use as a starting point for your sales correspondence:

  • Product/service name: Insert the name of what you’re offering.
  • Problem: Describe the problem that your product or service addresses.
  • Solution: Detail the key features and benefits of your offering.
  • Offer: Specify any pricing details or special conditions that may apply.

For example, imagine you have a product labeled “WALLET,” which aims to tackle a common issue faced by many adults concerning their financial well-being. You would describe the problem, elaborate on the solution your product provides, and outline what makes your offer exceptional or valuable to the prospective client.

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