“Boost Your Writing with a Free Writing Assistant”

January 22, 2024

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Creating Compelling Written Content Without Breaking the Bank

Creating compelling written content is crucial, but sometimes you’re not quite ready to invest in paid software. This could be because your budget doesn’t allow for it, or maybe you’re just dipping your toes in and want to try out options before making a financial commitment. This is perfectly reasonable.

For those of you in this situation, seeking the best free writing assistant tools can be a lifesaver by streamlining your workflow. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of ten outstanding free tools available on the market, alongside a suggestion for a quality paid option you might consider switching to when the time is right.

In this article:

  • 10 best free writing assistant tools.

For those seeking to simplify the process of outlining or searching for a writing assistant to polish social media posts to be free of grammatical mishaps, there exists an array of writing tools. Here is a collection of some of the top free writing assistant tools available. Most offer premium features; however, their complimentary versions provide substantial functionality for long-term usage.

### Top Free Writing Assistant Tools:

– **Dynalist**
– A dynamic tool for creating organized and nested lists, useful for tackling ANYTHING you wish to outline.

– **Language Tool**
– It serves as an excellent assistance for writing in proper grammar, ensuring your texts are error-free.

– **Zoho Writer**
– This tool offers a sophisticated word processing and collaboration environment.

– **De-Jargonizer**
– Specifically designed to help simplify complex language to more understandable terms.

– **Gocopy**
– Enables users to craft compelling content with ease.

– **Lightkey**
– A predictive typing and spelling correction tool that can boost your typing efficiency.

– **Linguix**
– An AI-powered writing assistant that checks your writing for errors and offers suggestions.

– **NaturalReader**
– A text-to-speech software that reads texts aloud in natural sounding voices.

– **Author**
– Provides a focused writing space, designed to curb distractions and foster productivity.

– **Notion**
– An all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized.

Best for Editing

When the challenge is to write with clarity and avoid complex industry jargon for your readers, a particular tool can come in handy. This application assists in pinpointing potentially confusing moderate to difficult words, thereby ensuring your written content remains comprehensible.


  • The interface is browser-based and user-friendly
  • Aims to enhance text simplicity, facilitating better understanding
  • Compatible with input from both copy-pasting and file uploads


  • May inadvertently flag technical terms necessary for the topic as overly complex

5. Tool for Clarity

Empowering writers to eliminate confusion in their prose, this utility focuses on moderating the complexity of terms used. By doing so, it enables writers to maintain a level of simplicity in their work, keeping it accessible to all readers.

Remember that not everyone speaks English as their first language, and even some native speakers may struggle with certain terms. Thus, a tool that helps to elucidate your meaning for a broader audience is invaluable, particularly for those who are still learning the language.

Using artificial intelligence to aid copywriters and marketers in refining their content, this platform offers the functionality to select text and presents options to rewrite, condense, simplify, or enhance the chosen content.


  • The onboarding process is streamlined and efficient.
  • The free AI function is capable of rewriting, shortening, or extending sentences.
  • A minimalist user interface enhances the user experience.
  • Features a rich text editor for seamless integration with your content management system (CMS).


  • A limited array of content templates (less than 15) may be a constraint for some users.

Best for Text Prediction

Lightkey is a predictive text AI tool designed to streamline the writing process. It can foresee up to a dozen words, allowing you to compose faster.


  • Offers intuitive text prediction right down to punctuation.
  • Adapts to your personal writing style and tone for accurate predictions.
  • Available as downloadable software for users of the Windows operating system.

### Best for Grammar

**Linguix** is an AI writing assistant that comes with a free grammar checker. The writing assistant feature, however, is not included in the free package. For users on the free plan, they can access punctuation, spelling, and grammar corrections to bolster their writing prowess and circumvent common grammar mistakes.

#### Pros

– Allows users to correct basic grammar and spelling mistakes swiftly with a single click.
– Offers a complimentary browser extension compatible with all major browsers.
– The Linguix keyboard is fully operational on both Android and iOS devices.

#### Cons

– The free plan is quite limited when compared to other available options.
– Occasionally, corrections offered may not perfectly fit the context.

### Enhancing Efficiency with a Writing Assistant

#### Save Valuable Time
Utilizing a writing assistant can drastically reduce the hours dedicated to generating, drafting, and composing content. What typically takes hours can now be reduced to mere minutes for the initial phases. While the writing process will still require an investment of time, it will undoubtedly be less than undertaking the task solo.

#### Overcome Writer’s Block
Embracing the support of a writing assistant means saying goodbye to the dreaded writer’s block. An assistant can set the stage for your creativity, allowing you to bypass staring at a blank screen. By getting a head start, your creative process is expedited, enabling you to find your writing rhythm much more swiftly.

#### Conserve Energy
The process of content marketing extends beyond mere content creation. It encompasses content planning, performance analysis of published content, and future content research. With writer’s block out of the equation and increased efficiency in task completion, you can preserve your energy for other significant job assignments.

#### Preserve Creativity
Enlisting the help of a writing assistant can aid in avoiding the pitfalls of predictable content or adhering strictly to current content trends. The objective is to sustain creativity and originality in your writing, ensuring your work remains engaging and fresh.

Creating Content with an Assistant

Drafting content, be it for website landing pages, extensive articles, captions for social media, product descriptions, scripts for YouTube videos, or templates for cold emailing, can be streamlined with writing assistance templates designed for these tasks.

### Enhancing Content Quality

First drafts tend to be rough around the edges, often needing several rounds of edits. The assistance of a writing tool can be invaluable in this phase, offering services to refine sentences, correct grammatical errors, adjust spelling, simplify phrasing, and perform other necessary tweaks to enhance the quality of your content.

### Crafting the Perfect Conclusion

Approaching the end of your content necessitates a striking conclusion to leave a lasting impression. This is where a writing assistant comes in handy. Such a tool can be pivotal in formulating an impactful call-to-action or drafting a succinct final sentence that effectively summarizes your message.

Ready to Explore Advanced Writing Assistant Tools?

While free resources are appealing, they may be lacking for a content marketer looking to upscale their content production. An advanced paid writing assistant can address all aspects of content creation efficiently, potentially cutting down the time investment significantly.

The writing assistant of choice here is advanced and engineered to operate with the expertise akin to that of seasoned copywriters, with the added advantage of having a vast pool of internet knowledge at its disposal. Leveraging natural language processing, this tool has adapted to write in a manner that closely resembles natural human-written content, ensuring the output feels authentic and is uniquely crafted.

Armed with an impressive selection of over 50 diverse writing templates, the tool is capable of generating a range of content formats, from succinct product descriptions to detailed press releases and comprehensive blog posts. The uniqueness of the content generated rules out concerns regarding plagiarism, as it creates completely original material.