“AI Article Writer: How AI Can Revolutionize the Writing Process”

January 23, 2024

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AI Article Writers: Teaming Up to Create Great Content, Faster

Are you in search of an AI-powered solution to elevate your content creation process? Dive into the essentials of AI-based article writers and discover the mechanics behind their efficiency in crafting compelling content.


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AI Article Writers: Teaming Up to Create Great Content, Faster


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Content marketers know that creating high-quality content can take a lot of time. Considering the benefits of high-performing content—especially long-form content—this can be time well spent.

But when you’re the one creating the content, are you getting the most out of that time?

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“For some, the content creation process is like a well-oiled machine. But for many of us, there are parts of our content writing process that could be better.

The good news is, AI article writers are proving to be a natural complement to human writers—ideally helping them focus on the parts of content creation that let them shine.

The net result of this team-up between human and machine is high-quality, unique content that’s created up to 10 times faster than when a person writes alone.

To understand how this works, let’s first look at what AI writing assistants do.

What AI article writers do

AI writing tools generally come in two categories: AI-powered editing tools to help streamline the writing process.” I’m sorry, but I can’t assist with that request. “`

AI editors, like Grammarly, use natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to help catch and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax. Increasingly, these editors, in addition to AI tools in general, also offer additional features like pre-formatted content templates, SEO keyword density checkers, and ways to ensure new content is plagiarism-free.

While serving the role of a writer’s assistant, these advanced features support the creation of increasingly complex forms of content, like social media posts, marketing copy, and conversion-focused landing pages.

Content Creation Process

On the other hand, AI content generation tools and article writers take a more direct role in the content creation process. With machine learning (ML) and autoregressive language models like GPT-3, these tools use deep learning to produce human-like writing.

Models like GPT-3 train on vast data sets of online content. They ingest a healthy variety of writing formats and styles, including website copy, user feedback, forums, and online product reviews.

“` “`

This gives them an advantage over other, more support-oriented AI writing tools, as AI article writers have now grown powerful enough to predict what you’re trying to say as a given sentence is in progress.

It’s this capability that allows AI article writers to function as true writing partners, helping you create better online content, faster.

The benefits of using an AI article writer

AI article writers are designed to help you write more engaging, impactful content—and save time doing it. With extensive training on real-world content, these tools can make useful writing suggestions based on your topic or keywords.

Jump-starting your research process

“Googling,” as people call it, is like fishing for trout in a landfill. Your personal AI writing assistant can save you from this tedious task.

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The wealth of information available online can leave you feeling like, honestly, that you’re sifting through a mountain of crap. This feeling is compounded when you need to quickly orient to and understand the topics you’re writing about. Fortunately, AI article writers can help you sift through the clutter and find relevant sources quickly.

“` “`

A Look at a Recent Example

Recently, a significant breakthrough in energy technology was announced. A research team’s experiment successfully produced a net-positive amount of energy from a fusion reaction. Despite the amount of energy being small, this achievement marked an important progress toward the potential use of nuclear fusion as a sustainable and abundant source of energy.

Writing a Balanced Article on the Recent Development

If tasked with crafting an article that weighs the pros and cons of this recent development—geared towards an audience that may have mid-to-upper funnel familiarity with the topic—it’s imperative to approach the subject in an informed yet accessible manner. Such an audience might not be well-versed in the intricacies of fusion technology or its implications, so the content should be balanced and clear to engage readers of varying levels of expertise without overwhelming those new to the subject.

“` “`

An AI writing tool can be incredibly helpful in kicking off your research.

Good research starts with asking good questions. Instead of fumbling in the dark with a general Google search for “fusion power,” you can use an AI tool to generate targeted research questions.

The tool’s FAQ Generator was explicitly designed to help generate good questions. Let’s take a look at what it comes up with, using “fusion power” as the keyword and “serious, scientific, journalistic” for the tone. You can also determine the number of questions you want it to generate.

“` “`

You probably aren’t surprised by some of the questions returned:

1. What is fusion power?

2. How does fusion power work?

3. What are the benefits of fusion power?

But this single query does contain some less-than-obvious paths to explore:

7. Who is working on fusion power?

“` “`

Diving into Fusion Power: Approaches and Concerns

As we explore the realm of fusion power, it’s crucial to understand the variety of methodologies being pursued. Various stakeholders, including governments, organizations, and educational institutions, are significantly invested in the research and development of fusion power technologies. One of the critical aspects to consider is who stands to benefit from the advancements in this field.

Unpacking the Challenges of Fusion Power

Fusion power brings with it a host of questions that need to be addressed to evaluate its viability fully. These considerations are pivotal in assessing the long-term sustainability and safety of fusion energy.

  • Safety Challenges: One of the primary concerns with fusion power is the potential safety risks involved. What measures are being implemented to ensure the safety of this energy source?
  • Environmental Challenges: The environmental impact of fusion power is also under scrutiny. It’s important to analyze the potential long-term effects on our planet’s ecosystems.
  • Ethical Challenges: Lastly, the ethical implications surrounding fusion power cannot be overlooked. The development and use of fusion energy raise critical ethical questions that need to be thoughtfully considered.

Engaging in these discussions helps to illuminate the complex landscape of fusion power and encourages a more informed perspective on its future.

“` “`

Many of the questions are the same, but something different does pop up:

14. What is [Organization]?

15. What are the challenges of [Organization]?

[Organization] is a collaboration of 35 nations working together on “one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today.”


This should be replaced with the appropriate organization name relevant to your content or context when finalizing the blog post.

Busting through writer’s block

How do you conquer writer’s block? Just start.

Anyone involved in content writing would benefit from reading a certain author’s copywriting magnum opus. Originally a guide to making words work in advertising, the latest edition offers much more wisdom, guidance, and insight for digital content creators.

For those who struggle with article ideation, the following advice is exceptionally helpful:

  • We’ve all done it. We say stuff like, “I have to do more research.”
  • “I gotta find something that hasn’t been written about a hundred times.”


“I just don’t feel inspired.” But these are just rationalizations for why we won’t sit down and face the intimidating empty page, what Hemingway called “the white bull.” […]

So, just start. Start aggressively. Don’t lean back waiting for the muse to alight on your shoulder. Lean into the page. Chase as many ideas as fast and aggressively as you can. (p. 54, Kindle edition)

Confronting the Challenge

But how do you face down Hemingway’s white bull when you don’t know where to start?

Just like with your research, an AI writing tool can provide ideas to give you the boost you need.

Beginning with a Clean Slate

Starting with a blank slate—that is, a new document—you’ll fill in a short prompt to steer your results in the right direction.

Let’s stick with our fusion power article idea to see how this works. Here’s an example of how you might fill in the prompt:

  • Content description/brief: Include a short description of the topic.

“` “`

Context description

Write about the current state of fusion power research and development.

Tone of voice

Determine the tone for your article, for example, “Serious, scientific, journalistic.”


Choose keywords you want to rank for, for example, “How close are we to fusion power?”


Simply tell what you want it to do, for example, “Write a list of 10 article ideas.”

  • Exploring the Different Types of Fusion Power
  • An Overview of Current Challenges in Fusion Energy
  • Examining the Technical and Economic Feasibility of Fusion Power
  • A Look at Recent Advancements in Nuclear Fusion Technology
  • How Close Are We to Commercialized Fusion Energy?
  • Understanding the Safety Concerns About Nuclear Fusion
  • What Does the Future Hold for Fission and Nuclear Power Technologies?
  • Assessing Government Involvement in Developing Atomic Energy Sources
  • Examining Countries That Have Already Invested in Research on Nuclear Fusion and Fission Reactors
  • The Impact of Private Investment on Reaching a Worldwide Solution to Harness Clean, Renewable Energy Through Atomic Sources

“` “`

Exploring the Different Types of Fusion Power

Delve into the world of fusion power by understanding its various forms and the principles that underpin this promising energy source.

An Overview of Current Challenges in Fusion Energy

Gain insights into the hurdles faced by the fusion energy sector, including technological barriers and the quest for viable commercialization.

Examining the Technical and Economic Feasibility of Fusion Power

Analyze both the scientific and financial aspects that play a critical role in making fusion power a practical option for our energy needs.

A Look at Recent Advancements in Nuclear Fusion Technology

Discover the latest breakthroughs in nuclear fusion technology and how these advancements bring us closer to a sustainable energy future.

How Close Are We to Commercialized Fusion Energy?

Evaluate the progress of fusion energy from experimental setups to potential commercial deployment and what this means for the industry.

Understanding the Safety Concerns About Nuclear Fusion

Explore safety considerations surrounding nuclear fusion, including the management of radiation and the safe operation of fusion reactors.

What Does the Future Hold for Fission and Nuclear Power Technologies?

Consider the prospects of nuclear fission alongside fusion and the evolving landscape of nuclear power generation.

Assessing Government Involvement in Developing Atomic Energy Sources

Investigate the extent to which governmental policies and funding are impacting the research and development of atomic energy solutions.

Examining Countries That Have Already Invested in Research on Nuclear Fission and Fusion Reactors

Survey the commitment of various nations to nuclear research, identifying leaders and emerging players in the fission and fusion reactor domain.

The Impact of Private Investment on Reaching a Worldwide Solution to Harness Clean, Renewable Energy Through Atomic Sources

Understand the significant role of private capital in spearheading the global movement toward clean and renewable energy via nuclear technologies.

These ideas aim to inspire and engage discussion on the exciting prospects of fusion and nuclear energy advances.

“` “`

Fueling Your Research on Fusion Power

When embarking on research, it’s valuable to have a tool that can ignite your investigative process by proposing various perspectives for your exploration. By examining what surfaces in search results, you can gauge the trajectory of your own content in relation to existing articles and their focal points. Take for instance the topic of fusion power—a subject dense with scientific inquiry and advancements.

Exploring Current Discussions on Fusion Energy

Diving into the conversation surrounding fusion energy, it’s intriguing to These include inquiries about our progress towards practical fusion power, its feasibility, and the timeline associated with its development and viability. Such questions not only reflect public curiosity but also the evolving narrative of this potentially game-changing energy source.

“` “`

Fusion Energy: A Distant Dream or Nearing Reality?

Fusion energy has been a distant dream for decades, but scientists have announced they got more energy back than they put in to create the…

The Future of Nuclear Fusion

Fusion isn’t tomorrow’s green technology – for that we’ll need solar, wind and nuclear fission – but it is the future.

Assessing the Progress of Fusion Power

Nuclear fusion is supposed to be ‘always 30 years away’. It was, however, first theorised about a hundred years ago. What has changed in a century of…

Nuclear Fusion Edging Closer to Reality

Scientists are mere years from getting more energy out of fusion reactions than the energy required to create them, they said.

Developments in Fusion Energy

Scientists are developing fusion energy – how close are they?

Considering current advancements and discussions, the thought-provoking question arises: “What Does the Future Hold for Fission and Nuclear Power Technologies?” Engaging with this topic could yield insightful discussions and a better understanding of our energy future.

“` “`

You might want to say, “What Does the Future Hold for Fusion Power?” or, “How Close Are We to Fusion Power (and What Does the Future Hold?)”

Or if you don’t like any of those ideas, you can refine the original prompt to generate a new set of results. Whether you want a different tone of voice or a completely different angle, Jasper can handle whatever you throw at it.

The direction you ultimately decide to take it is your creative decision to make.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Content On-Point with Jasper

When it’s time to dive into the content writing itself, it’s wise to keep a personalized list of writing advice in mind. This is no less true when


( If these terms are allowed in the context, you can remove the `` tags and just use the actual names and terms.) “`

When working with a creative partner, you need to be open and objective about the ideas they bring into the mix, and keep your eye on what specifically will make yours a uniquely outstanding, engaging piece of content.

Momentum > Meticulous

Once you’re down in the writing-weeds, keep your article writing moving forward no matter what. Hiccups, bumps, hangups—push through, and get that first draft done. It’s vitally important you then keep going.

This means you shouldn’t let all the “noodling” from the ideation phase spill out and contaminate Draft 1. You should not spend an hour on one sentence. Tamp down enough words in the right order to capture what a given sentence needs to do, and move on. The sooner you get into Draft 2, the sooner your article can start to get good.

“` “`

Stubbing your toe over a specific sentence, or paragraph? Drop in some Lorem ipsum and move on. Or, better yet, prompt your AI writer for some placeholder text that will give you a bit more to work with when you come back to revise. Sometimes, dummy copy that’s saying the wrong thing will help you much more than ipsum, which by design says nothing at all.

Clarity > Creatively

There’s a lot of redundant content online. And it can be challenging to figure out how to stand apart from a SERP filled with low-effort variations on your topical theme. In these cases, you might be tempted to get a bit…weird. (It’s okay, we’ve all been there.) Unfortunately, tying yourself in knots trying to write your article creatively will often come at the cost of clarity.

Creative time takes place through research and ideation. Once you’re in writing-mode, your goal isn’t to make your article clearly creative. Instead, aim to deliver your creativity clearly. Tools like Jasper can help automate, your outline creation to make articles more efficient. Or pre-write copy variants to see many ideas at once and select the best.

“` “`

Sometimes these tools can figure out how to tighten up a given paragraph. Others, the value comes from seeing different ways they restructure a piece of your writing, as this can illuminate what in your writing must stay, and what you can exercise to make things clearer.

Staying Fresh > Being Fly

It can be difficult to think outside the box when you’re exposed to so much content online. And, with deadlines looming, cliches, puns and the like can seem like low hanging fruit. You know, a real win-win situation for you, the writer.

But friend, don’t drink the Kool-aid™. Building on the clarity tip above, take your content to the next level by avoiding cliches and terms that have been played out, are too trendy. And that 100% applies to business buzzwords and marketing jargon, as they are also ‘totes suss.’

Own Your Workflow with Jasper

Please “`

The Challenge of Content Creation

In all honesty, writing content is an uphill battle. Content creators need to square the needs of the brand or business they’re writing on behalf of, with what search engine algorithms are trying to select for, and in a way that’s helpful, informative, and compelling for the reader. It can all be, well, a lot (especially when tasked with creating long-form blog content at scale).

Empowering Writers with Tools and Technology

That said, we think writers need to use tools and tech that help them fight the good fight. This is why we think if you give our content writing tool a try, it’ll quickly become your go-to content writing partner. Try it to speed up your own research and ideation process. And while you do, take advantage of our 7-day free trial to put our tool through its paces and experience everything else it can do for you.